My Essay: “Maria Full of Grace”

The essay describes the life of Maria as evident the movie, “Maria full of grace”. It attempts to show some of the challenges people living in poor localities pass through. The analogy of Maria’s show the struggles that one passes through if living in poor conditions, rising from disrespect in place of work, lack of peace at home and also being looked down by love partners. The discussion takes various life experience of Maria the main the character and the close family, and the people that affect her life in the early age.

We are introduced to Maria when she is in her seventh. She lives with her mother and a sister who has a baby boy. The sister is not married and has an issue raising her child. She cannot afford medication for her child, and these responsibilities are left out to Maria. Maria works in flower plantation preparing roses for export overseas. Maria has issues with the boss. Pregnancy symptoms start to show up, and she has to keep on using the washroom since she is vomiting. One point they are in an argument with the boss, and she vomits on the roses. The boss orders her to clean them up; this makes Maria quit the job since they are never in good terms with the boss.

Her mother and sister can’t support in the act since they expect by the end of the day to give out her contribution. They are in an argument with her trying to convince her to go and apologize to the boss, but she is determined to find another job. The family lives in poor conditions, Maria cannot afford decent clothes, and this seems to be the reason Marias mother is forcing her to apologize to the boss. Working in the flower plantation seems the only working opportunities Maria and her community have. Her mother put clear to Maria that it is the only decent job she can ever get.

Maria and her boyfriend relationship is not serious and seem more childish. In the first place, Maria is still a child, she is not even eighteen yet. The boyfriend never takes Marias ideas seriously. He always exclaims, “Not this again.” One point Marias want to tell him that she is pregnant with his child, but he neglects the idea to climb to the roof where she would break the news. They boyfriend cannot dance with her when they are in a bar. When she discloses to him that she is pregnant, they both unravel to each other that they are not in love with each other.

Maria starts to work when she is seventeen in flower plantation. She seems stressed by the job since they don’t get along with her boss. The condition of the job is not favoring. Once Maria has a condition with her health, her supervising boss denies her permission to visit the washroom. Maria leaves the first place of work after an argument with the boss, where she is commanded to wash the polluted roses, and she is set to find another opportunity in Bogota where she would be hooked by her friend to maid work. On her way to Bogota, she finds a better offer. She met Franklin, who hooks her up with a drug mule job opportunity.

Franklin Maria to the guy he promised to hook him with for a job opportunity. They get inside a small bar. When they arrive at the employer, he offers her a chair. He takes on by enquiring Marias relationship with Franklin. He then asks Marias age who cheats to be eighteen instead of seventeen. He also enquires the previous jobs that Maria had already enrolled to and also the reason that made her left. He then completed the interview session by enquiring of her digestive system condition if it works regularly or if it has complications such as constipation or diarrhea.

She finds Lucy in a bus and discusses the job offer and agrees to taker though the preparation. Maria pays a visit to Lucy where she is taken through the process of swallowing. She prepares her with important information about the carrying of the drugs inside her stomach. She even specifies the capacity her size can carry. She also cautions her on the important to make sure all the pellets are well wrapped since any contact between the drugs and stomach would cause death. Shea also advises her to wear decently. She then set to swallow the drugs where she takes 62 of the pellets. Then the boss gives her $800 for the trip and traveling document and caution her that if one of the pellets get lost on the way she should be ready to a conversation with her grandmother, mother and her sister as a way to threaten her.

When the three ladies are set for the trip the United States, they are in the fear not to be caught out. It seems Maria had never been on another flight and seemed worried. As time goes by their health start deteriorating. The three girls develop fever and uneasiness due to the reaction of the pellets. Blanca can make through, but Maria gets pressed so hard. She visits the washroom and two of the pellet releases from her system, but she is determined to carry it all. She forces to swallow the pellets back successfully. Lucy tells Maria she is unwell, and she seem to have a severe fever. In the airport, the girls are checked and one they are arrested. The customs get suspicious of Maria, they Interrogate her and are ready to do an x-ray to verify if Maria is a mule or not. Maria gets lucky since she is with a child. On the arrival at the hotel where they are to stay in the period of the trip, Lucy health becomes worse, and she never make through.

The drug war is a great challenge especially in localities where poverty is the order of the day. Poverty leaves people with limited options and has the tendency to take any opportunity coming their way. In the case of Maria communities where you option is either working in the flower plantations or either a maid entice Maria to take a risk job of a mule. She knows the risks that she can either be imprisoned or even die like her friend Lucy. Poverty leads to vast production, distribution and usage of drugs since people want something to fill the void. The fight against drug as evident in the film “Maria Full of Grace” is hard to eradicate in an environment with poverty, since people are willing to take the risk associated to get that dollar

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