Mice and Men Compare and Contrast Essay Novel vs. Movie

What do we know about Mice and Men novel? How much time are you ready to waste on writing about this topic? I must admit that I should had to pay someone to write my essay about Mice and Men novel by John Steinback. We were working on this project with the best writers in NY. This is an essay that is based on a story about two men, George Milton and Lennie Small. They are walking towards a ranch were they expect to get work as the men are in a new town after they left the old town due to Lennie’s affinity to pet anything that is soft. Lennie, the larger of the two men, touched a girl’s dress in the old town that resulted in trouble for the two men. Lennie is depicted as a giant who is plagued with a mental disorder resulting to George acting as a spokesperson for him.

Lennie and George have a dream of owning their own land and retell the story to a point where Lennie knows the story by heart. The constant repetition of the story has made Lennie believe that they will own the farm with rabbits for them to take care of. At the end of the book, Lennie does something bad as he did in the last town and expects George to scold him for it. However, George identifies the problem as too great to solve, hence shoots Lennie at the back of the head with Carlson’s gun.

Mice and Men movie by Gary Sinise adapts the novel to the letter and does not try to alter much of the original set up of the novel. The movie is typically set during the Great Depression with men riding the rails, living in hobo camps and looking for a day’s work. The movie depicts the combination of George and Lennie as that of the perfect person, since George has the ability to work extensively and Lennie has the mental ability to look for and perform the duties.

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