My Essay: Michael Jackson as The Great Entertainer


Attention Getter:  When you think of the greatest entertainers that ever lived, who comes to your mind? This one question has many varied responses always.  It elicits mixed reactions from people from all walks of life; most probably because of different tastes and preferences for music and other entertainment that many have. However, most people agree that Michael Jackson is undoubtedly one of these. Despite his many alleged flaws like child molestation accusations, he had a profound impact on the world of entertainment. Many of his most famous songs that we can remember are; Will You Be There, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal among others.  Many people have listened to these songs and can attest to the level of ingenuity that Michael possessed in his music career. Moreover, he also pioneered moonwalk, a unique dancing style. Many musicians have drawn inspiration from his singing and dancing styles, with many adopting them, albeit with varying success levels. These songs will surely stand the test of time. It is always worth spending time and money listening to any of the masterpieces.

Relevancy: Michael’s songs were not only immensely popular; they were also top-rated by various music-rating agencies. Many agree that he is arguably the best entertainer of the 20th century. His songs topped the Billboard hits for a long time. (“Michael Jackson’s Top 50 Billboard Hits”).  For instance, Billie Jean reigned the Billboard charts for a record seven weeks. (“Michael Jackson’s Top 50 Billboard Hits”).  He also had the most diverse fan-base, cutting across racial and religious barriers. Some of his songs released posthumously became very famous. Before his scheduled performances at the O2 Arena in London, ticket sales were at an astronomical rate, baffling even the organizers of the event.

Credibility: To lend credence to the widely held view that Michael was a great artist, pay a visit to entertainment centers that plays pop music. You will realize the popularity of his songs. Research on the greatest musicians of all time and his name will apparently feature. Look at the historical perspective at the Billboard charts. (“Michael Jackson’s Top 50 Billboard Hits”). Watch today’s musicians performances, and you will realize that many of them have taken a cue from his styles, signaling his vast influence among them. The numerous Grammy awards are all testimony to his musical prowess.

Thesis Statement:  Michael Jackson was probably the greatest entertainer of all time. He was a singer, a producer, a dancer, and a songwriter. Very few musicians have reached the level that Jackson attained, and it will probably take long before another one of his caliber emerges. His songs reflected varied themes such as humanitarianism and love. He was also involved in philanthropy. Among the many charities he supported was Make-a-Wish foundation. He influenced not only music but also fashion and culture. Michael loved opulence. For instance, he owned the vast Neverland ranch. When current and future historians write books about the greatest people in history, Michael’s name will earn a place in them.

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