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The NAFSA Guides to Educational Systems Around the World provide information to help in the interpretation of foreign grades. The country guides were originally published in A Guide to Educational Systems Around the World (1999) and have continued to be updated since 2008.

educational systems

These updates must be used in conjunction with other resources to determine actual placement recommendations and the possibility of transfer credit.
There are more than 200 guides available, downloadable by individual country.

TII Technical Education Systems (TII) is an internationally known leader in providing integrated, hands-on learning systems. Since our founding in 1964, we have excelled at producing innovative laboratory equipment and curricula geared toward technical training, workplace skills, and industrial certifications for schools, industry and government agencies worldwide. We aim to change lives by providing innovative technical training solutions to learning centers worldwide.

Educational systems
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Interested in going to school in the UK?

education in britain

Education in britain
In addition to state education, the UK has a long-established and much respected private school sector. British boarding schools welcome thousands of international pupils every year. The largest group, around 10 per cent, is from Germany.
Unfortunately, the British Council cannot provide individual advice on schools in the UK. On this page, however, we have collected some useful links and tips on the subject to help you find the right school.

Education in britain
1 181 Luxembourg residents were studying in 2018 / 2019 mainly in the following British towns:
British universities are diverse, ranging in size, mission and subject mix. As they are totally autonomous they have their own degree-awarding powers and decide the entry conditions for students.