Our Best Old-Fashioned Movies of All Time

Advancements in technology paved the way for the evolution of the entertainment industry as we know it today. Because it is easier to edit clips nowadays, there are more and more technologically-enhanced flicks that not only offer a great way to pass time but also provide awe-inspiring sequences that mirror how filmmakers see the world at present. Some even provide glimpses of the possible future as was noticed in one of those essays on film.


Despite this, there are old-fashioned movies that remain at the benchmark of what can be considered as the “Best Movies of All-Time.” Although some of them may be black-and-white or grainy, they remain as the cream of the crop, setting the standards for movies as they are today.


  1. Gone with the Wind

Based on an award-winning novel with the same title, “Gone with the Wind” is a classic film that definitely holds the candle when it comes to glamorizing a historical drama. It elaborated the concept presented on print and managed to deliver a widely-beloved flick despite its lengthy four-hour screen time.


  1. The Wizard of Oz

This film based on L. Frank Baum’s classic novel delivered wonderful imagery and heartfelt lessons for both children and adults during its release in 1939 and continues to do so for many moviegoers who opt to revisit how Dorothy’s epic journey through the yellow brick road after she was whisked from her mundane life.


“The Wizard of Oz” made the cut not only because the story itself has a deeper meaning but also because the on-screen storytelling resonates with what the novel was trying to deliver.


  1. All About Eve

Starring Oscars and Golden Globe winner Anne Baxter, “All About Eve” is a movie that is most definitely worth watching as it conveys a sophisticated-yet-incredible hilarious backstage story of aspiring actress Eve Harrington. This film is probably one of the first to manage and succeed in giving the audience a protagonist whom they will love to loathe.


  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

As the pioneer Disney princess film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” drew a picture that will eventually develop into the conveyance of being good to anyone, no matter what they look like— or in the dwarves’ case, how tall they are.


Although it can be contradicting considering how the wicked witch was depicted when she handed Snow White the poisoned apple, it remains as a favorite among parents and children since it resonates positivity and began Disney’s quest to show children what a “happily ever after” should look like.


  1. Casablanca

If you’re one to swoon over a wartime love affair, then “Casablanca” is the classic film for you. This film from helmer Michael Curtiz showcased how a film can succeed even after defying standard genre categorization because it is an adventure, romance, and intrigue-based film in one.


  1. Citizen Kane

Arguably one of the most perpetual members of all the All-Time Best Movies lists, “Citizen Kane” is a story about how a journalist unfolds the mystifying last words of a publishing mogul before his death. Orson Welles provided some astonishing, heart-breaking, and inventive story-telling that continues to wow the audience more than seven decades later.


  1. King Kong

A classic is known to both young and old, 1933’s “King Kong” is a groundbreaking movie of its time because of its special effects. Although it may not seem as appealing to the eyes today, this film’s exploration of a monster’s soul definitely deserves a spot in our old-fashioned best movies list if only because of the immense impact it had to Hollywood in general.


  1. The Adventures of Robin Hood

Although this version of the classic story of an outlaw had to overcome some copyright issues, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” by Errol Flynn was able to become the standard for the legendary title character in its own right. Carefully crafted for families, this movie received a full “Fresh” rating from Rotten Tomatoes because of its unique take on a classic.


  1. Frankenstein

Based on the classic horror novel, “Frankenstein” depicted the outcome of an experiment conducted by a mad and obsessed scientist that eventually turned the town upside down. This thriller is a legend in terms of showcasing the fine line between madness and genius in what has become one of the most unnerving movies of all time.


  1. It’s a Wonderful Life

Starring renowned actor James Stewart, this film from Frank Capra has become a staple in every household’s Yuletide celebration as the bittersweet tale offers hope amid a crisis that is more closely resembles that of real life.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is dubbed not only as a popular film but also one that can tug at your heartstrings, especially on a day like Christmas. Even so, Capra never thought that it would be a Christmas film as he depicts that people can have bad thoughts on such days.

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