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england education

England education
We have created a new programme for the health and care workforce that contains key information from e-LfH's catalogue of content as well as curated materials from other trusted organisations.
Contributing to the revolution in healthcare training in the UK

England education
Forests offer fantastic opportunities to bring learning to life through hands-on experiences. No matter what the age or ability there is something for everyone.
Discover more about our learning partners, who deliver a wide range of educational visits for nurseries, schools and colleges, or follow our links to plan your own fun and informative visit. We have lots of activity ideas and lesson plans for you to download.

England education
Our students perform well because they are engaged with their lessons and are challenged and supported in their studies. They benefit from the use of silence to reflect upon their studies and experiences which then encourages them to develop an open-minded approach to the world.
All our schools offer students an enriching and exciting education they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. We provide every individual with moral, social, spiritual and educational progression, creating lifelong friendships and a passion for living and learning.