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5 Tips That Will Help You Save More and Increase Your Retirement Savings In 2018

Even though retirement could or could not be in your vicinity for now, it is something that you need to start preparing for today. Compared to a few decades ago, retiring rich these days is harder. Today’s economy is not as promising and this has made it difficult for one to manage their finances. This forms the essence of one having to plan for their future, including their retirement in advance, even if you can save only a little bit.

When you start preparing for retirement, the earlier you start saving, the better the chances you have of increasing your retirement savings. For most people, saving is not a natural thing. These few tips will help you to save more and increase your retirement savings in 2018.

  1. Set up your saving goals

Whether you are employed or self-employed, you have to set your saving goals. You have to set a period of time within which you want to have set aside a certain amount of money. Having saving objectives, you will focus more on your goals and avoid spending distractions.

The first step in creating a strategy on how to save include having a purpose for the savings. You can choose to direct the proceeds towards an investment such as a real estate or the stock exchange market where you purchase shares.


  1. Automate your savings

The important thing to know is that setting up automatic transfers from your checking account makes saving a cinch. Automation of savings helps you to prioritize your saving needs. If you live from paycheck to paycheck, this is the best thing to do.

You can get to save more and accumulate a huge bank balance through the use of direct debits and account sweeps. You will only need 5-10 minutes for the automation process to be complete. You get to achieve your monetary goals without the manual savings transfer hassle.

  1. Spend less compared to your earnings

Your spending should be a portion of your salary and not the entire salary or more than your earnings. A good way to help you ensure that you do not spend more than you are earning is to always prepare a monthly budget.  You can cut down your budget or seek financial advisory services from a monetary adviser if you find that you are always spending a lot.

If you get to prioritize your savings, you will be obligated to live in line with what you can afford. This, in turn, helps you to cut down your expenditure while increasing your savings. It also acts as a motivation to save more.

  1. Use your employer’s retirement plan


A majority of the companies have retirement plans for their employees. You can set aside a lot of cash using such plans which include the 401(k). In such a plan, the employer deducts a fraction of your payment every month then invests the cash in shared funds or an investment of your choosing.

With these plans, you get to be deducted a fraction of pre-taxed salary. For example, if you are within the 20% tax bracket, and you want to contribute $200, you get a reduction of 80%in your take-home payment, hence not a lot of strain on your budget.

  1. Track your expenses and analyze them

Track your expenses on a daily basis, if possible. Take a pen and a piece of paper and calculate your daily expenses starting now. This will help you be careful on your expenditures and also give you a hint of how you spend your money.

Analyze the expenditure to determine the unnecessary ones and the necessary ones. You will get to know the things that you can entirely cut down from the expenditure list.



For most people who are in the employment industry, it can be easier to overlook the essence of setting cash aside for retirement. This is the case especially when one is focused on short-term monetary priorities. It is essential to put your longer-term financial security into consideration and make retirement savings your priority. If you still in some confusion by this topic you can read essay on retirement to clear everything for yourself.

After prioritizing your retirement savings, set a goal that you want to achieve within a specified period of time. It becomes easy for you to save when you know what you are saving for and the amount that you need to set aside. The above tips can help you boost your savings including your retirement savings this year. These simple steps will have a great impact on your retirement life.