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145 New Service Business Ideas for 2022

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, more specifically a service business, you’re part of a growing workforce demographic. Experts disagree on the exact size of today’s gig economy, but research from Intuit suggests that the population of independent, service-based business owners made up as much as 34% of the total U.S. workforce in 2017. That’s a huge volume of individuals looking for new, independent ways of earning an income.

Most Profitable Small Business Ideas for 2022

1. Social Media Marketing Agency

LinkedIn has over 500 million users with employers spending more than $40,000 per year per employee for LinkedIn profiles and endorsements. Many companies now rely on social media marketing agencies to create, optimize, and maintain their presence on all of the most popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Providing a social media management service or another digital marketing agency are great online business ideas because they are in-demand services that can be highly profitable.

2. Senior Care Services

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, demand for senior care services is only going to increase due to improved life expectancy and improved medical technology allowing people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia to live longer.

Businesses like Home Instead and Comfort Keepers provide temporary and long-term help with daily activities like housekeeping and meal preparation in the comfort of the client’s home. Placing trained caregivers in seniors’ homes will require a reputable agency that screens potential employees thoroughly and trains them extensively before sending them into homes. This is yet another in-demand service with increasing profits.

3. Organic Beauty Products

People are becoming more aware of the ingredients used in skincare, haircare, and beauty products. Many people prefer to use natural products when possible for this reason. There is a growing market for organic beauty products that can be found in stores like Whole Foods, online at iHerb, or its own ecommerce business.

4. Healthcare Consulting

A healthcare consulting business will always be in demand as the number of regulations within the industry increases. This is an especially important industry considering that healthcare costs are rising significantly due to increased regulations and service demands. Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities will need consulting services such as data analysis and quality assurance.

This type of business is in high demand because it assists the healthcare industry to meet federal requirements efficiently and effectively while increasing profits for clients who can afford these types of consulting fees.

5. Healthy Fast Food

Millennials are looking for convenient food options made with fresh ingredients and served quickly by friendly employees so they can eat fast without compromising nutrition or taste. Healthy fast-food chains like Sweetgreen, Cava Grill, Freshii, etc., are popping up everywhere to fulfill this need for healthy convenience foods. Many Americans do not have time during their busy workdays to prepare lunch or make a stop at a restaurant before heading home. These entrepreneurs are in high demand and they can make a lot of money selling healthy fast-food meals.

6. Ghostwriting

There is always a demand for writers who benefit from ghostwriters because it takes years to perfect the craft of writing and many people don’t have the time or patience to hone their skills before publishing a book.

This type of business is in high demand because there will always be people willing to pay an experienced writer to produce literary gold, especially if they hire a ghostwriter who has experience with the topic at hand and knows how to market that specific genre effectively.

7. Translation Services

Translation services for websites, newspapers, brochures, legal documents, etc., will continue to be important as more people and businesses explore global opportunities and international trade becomes more common. Many online marketers rely on social media for advertising; therefore, they need the text of their website to be translated into languages that will appeal to different regions.

This small business idea is in high demand because there is a growing market for translation services as people become more aware of global opportunities and technological advancements make it easier than ever before to benefit from those opportunities.

8. Auto Repair Concierge

Auto repair shops have notoriously long wait times for appointments due to the sheer volume of work needing to be done by hand. An auto repair concierge service could efficiently handle vehicle repairs, parts distribution, car detailing, etc., so the time a customer spends waiting can now be used more productively.

This great business idea is in high demand because although the auto repair industry is strong, there are still many people who cannot afford to spend their whole day at a shop waiting for repairs and don’t want to risk hiring someone they don’t know and trusting that person with their car.

9. Freight Trucking

While manufacturing continues to be an important part of the economy, imports and exports play a huge role in the development of markets worldwide. For this reason, freight trucking will continue to be in demand as international trade increases exponentially over time.

How to start a profitable business

These ideas for profitable businesses span a variety of industries and involve varying time commitments and startup costs. Before you can earn any profit, however, you’ve got to get your business off the ground.

1. Do your research

Whether you choose one of the ideas here or come up with something on your own, do your research before committing to any concept. You'll want to perform idea validation, a process that involves market and competitor research, as well as a financial feasibility analysis to help test your business idea and determine whether you want to move forward with your business proposal.

2. Get organized and make it official

Once you’ve chosen a strong business idea, you’re ready to create a thorough business plan . Your business plan will outline your company’s goals — and how you’ll achieve them — as well as provide a roadmap for you (and potential investors) to follow for the next three to five years.

After you’ve written your business plan, you can take the necessary steps to make your small business official. You’ll choose a business structure, apply for an employer identification number, register your “Doing Business As” name (if necessary) and get the business licenses and registrations you need to open your doors.

3. Find the right financing

It can be difficult for startups to qualify for some traditional business loans, as they often require multiple years of business history for approval. Instead, new business owners might consider startup funding options, such as microloans, grants, crowdfunding, or asking friends or family for an investment.

Business credit cards are also an option for short-term financing, especially for everyday business purchases. With a business credit card , you can earn perks and rewards on your spending, as well as start building a business credit history.



A Complete Guide to Using the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction allows for infinite possibilities, infinite abundance, and infinite joy. It knows no order of difficulty, and it can change your life in every way if you let it.

Free Guide to Learn to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Life

At this very moment, your life is being guided and influenced by universal forces you may not even be aware of – and the most powerful of all is the Law of Attraction. Just like the law of gravity, it is always in effect, impacting your life in more ways than you can imagine.

The good news is, once you are aware of this universal law, you can learn how to use it to change your life for the better! Because here’s the thing: You are in a constant state of creation.

Every moment of every day, you are actively creating your reality. With every thought, either consciously or subconsciously, you are creating your future. And when you know how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction in your life, you can direct your thoughts and actions in a way that allows you to effortlessly attract what you want.

Many people, when they first hear about this universal law, dismiss it as “woo.” So if you have doubts about whether it really works, you’re certainly not alone! I often get questions from people who wonder what the Law of Attraction is and are skeptical about the claims they’ve heard. And I’m going to tell you what I always tell them:

This guide will walk you through the process of using this powerful universal law and show you how to manifest what you want in every area of your life. I’ll teach you about the 7 Laws of Attraction (that’s right, there are more than one) and the 3 proven steps to activate it in your life. You’ll also learn how to use it for different purposes, such as attracting more wealth or love into your life.

Table of Contents

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a universal principle that states you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to is what will come back to you.

When you focus on the abundance of good things in your life, you will automatically attract more positive things into your life. But if you center yourself on negative thoughts and only focus on what you lack in life, then you will ultimately attract negativity into your life and what you want most will continue to elude you.

What is the Law of Attraction

The 7 Laws of Attraction

#2 The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Magnetism states that everything that has happened in your life – the people, things, and opportunities that have come into your life, as well as the circumstances in which you have found yourself – is a result of the energy you put out into the world.

#3 The Law of Unwavering Desire

The Law of Unwavering Desire states that your desire to achieve or attract a certain thing must be strong and unyielding in order for you to manifest it in your life. When your desires are weak and without a rock-solid foundation, they won’t be able to attract what you want.

#4 The Law of Delicate Balance

The universe is comprised of balance—between various forces and elements. And as we are microcosms of the universe, we also crave balance. When the different aspects of your life are in balance, you are able to experience true peace and joy. But in order to achieve balance, appreciation and gratitude are required.

#5 The Law of Harmony

The Law of Harmony describes the coordinated interplay of forces and elements that comprise the Universe. Harmony is the flow of life. When you are in tune with it, everything seems easy, as if you are swimming with the current rather than against it.

#6 The Law of Right Action

The Law of Right Action states that your words and actions affect the world around you and determine the quality of your experiences in life. How you behave and treat others will determine how others treat you.

#7 The Law of Universal Influence

It’s easy to feel small and insignificant when staring up at the stars at night. But the truth is, every one of us is an integral part of the Universe. We make an impact on the world with everything we think and do. Our energy vibrations become a part of the fabric of the Universe.

That’s why it’s so important for you to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions—as well as signs from the Universe— to demonstrate the impact of your actions and point you in the direction of your dreams.


Iterations of the law of attraction principle go back to ancient (even Biblical) times, but the root concept that is referenced today emerged during the 19th century as part of the New Thought movement.  

The idea wasn't referred to as the "law of attraction" until 1877 when a Russian occultist named Helena Blavatsky used the term to describe the powerful energy between different elements of the human spirit.   In 1886, Prentice Mulford wrote a popular essay about the law of attraction (which he called The Law of Success).  

In his 1897 book, "In Tune With The Infinite," Ralph Trine wrote that the law of attraction "works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect. If we desire one thing and expect another, we become like houses divided against themselves, which are quickly brought to desolation."  

Ralph Trine, "In Tune With The Infinite" (1897)

The concept continued to be written about and touted by philosophers, self-help authors, and motivational speakers well into the 21st century. In 2006, the law of attraction formed the basis for Rhonda Byrne's film and subsequent bestselling book, "The Secret."

Exercises to Try

The law of attraction is widely regarded as pseudoscience. However, it uses several actual psychological techniques, such as cognitive reframing and visualization, that help people think differently about their circumstances.

List Your Frustrations

Think of the Positives

Next, start a journal. For each frustration on your list, think of every possible positive aspect of the situation. For example, the benefits of your difficult job might be steady income, creative challenge, or personal growth.

You could then see your job as a vehicle for expanding your level of patience. If not, you might find that the job's purpose is to bring you valuable information about what is not working in your life.

It might be that the positive outcome of the negative experience you're having at your job is that you leave it to pursue a career that is better suited to your talents and skills.

Write or Visualize Your Wishes

Once you've listed the things you don't want in your life, write down what you would like to have. Your list isn't just for putting the positive energy out into the world that you want to get back; it will also help you clarify your goals.

Building and maintaining a visual image of what you want in your life (instead of focusing on what you don’t want) can be a powerful way to attract positive change and opportunity.

You can also practice "manifesting" what you want. It could be something as simple as having a particular flower for your garden. Take time to create a vivid image in your mind of what the flower would look like in your yard, how it would smell, and how it would feel in your hands gathered up in a bouquet.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is about more than putting a smile on your face; it means working on feeling grateful for what you already have, and for what you believe will come. Shift your focus from what you feel you lack toward feelings of gratitude and abundance.

You can also strengthen your positive mindset by sharing your goals, dreams, and intentions with others. Spreading your positivity to your loved ones also allows you to get and give support.

The most important part of manifesting is letting it go. By doing so, you free yourself from the worry of whether or not it will appear in your life and open yourself up to the possibility that it might.

Think, Feel, Act

Try to keep your thoughts, feelings, and behavior focused on your goals rather than on your frustrations. You can do this by using positive self-talk, visualizing the life you want each day, working on your plan of action, and spreading kindness and doing good deeds.

Advantages of Using the Law of Attraction

You may become a lucky person.

While you can’t be specific about the things or people you manifest with the LOA, Concha says you can increase your chances of getting it. You can manifest experiences, opportunities, people, and objects,” she explains. “Think back to a time where you have wanted something or thought of a situation and it has happened? Some people will call it ‘luck’ but it’s simply the LOA in motion.”

Using it could help ground you.

Looking for a complete mental overhaul? Concha explains that the LOA could be just that. "Once you understand how the LOA works, your whole outlook will change,” she says. “You realize that it’s up to you to live the life you truly deserve, you don’t have to settle for less. You can manifest your dream life with ease and flow. You will become more in-tune and grounded with yourself. It’s a game-changer.”

Disadvantages of Using the Law of Attraction

Before you rush off to find your journal and get started, there’s a couple of things you should know, as the LOA has some disadvantages, too. Ahead of trying it, be sure to heed this expert-backed advice.

You can attract negativity.

So, you’re obsessing over someone you know is toxic. According to the LOA, that could be a dangerous game to play. If you’re letting someone live rent-free in your mind, chances are, you may be attracting them into your life. You’ve got to make sure you are aware of your thoughts,” says Concha. “The LOA doesn’t judge what you’re thinking about. Whatever you give attention to whether it's ‘good’ or ‘bad’, you will invite it into your life. See yourself as a magnet attracting the essence of what you are thinking and feeling.”

Unfortunately, it’s not magic.

Want to attract a million dollars? We have some bad news. Contrary to what you may have heard, the LOA is not a magical force primed to do your bidding. “If you are feeling unhealthy, you cannot attract health,” says Concha. “If you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity because it defies the law.”


what to do to become smarter | how to become smarter than everyone else | how can i become smarter

Give Your Brain a Boost: 12 Books Guaranteed to Make You More Intelligent

Want to be smarter – or at least feel like you are? Pick up one of these classic reads for great minds. The idea that reading makes you smarter has been proven by numerous research studies, including some that have identified improvements in crystallized, fluid and emotional intelligence in individuals /articles/develop-emotional-intelligence/who read regularly. Reading can help expand vocabulary and understanding, and increase the ability to detect emotions and feelings in others for better communication and relationships.

1. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

While this ancient book might, at first, appear like a military manual, its ideas about strategy translate into successful tactics that anyone can use to create a more intelligent strategy for their company.

2. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

So much of today’s success comes from having the right mindset for business. This book is dedicated to showing you how to think methodically and rapidly, as well as how to know when to make faster or slower decisions. You want to be quick on your feet, but you don’t want to rush into a decision that needs more contemplation. Kahneman teaches both a “fast system” and a “slow system” to help you determine when and how to use each speed of thinking. [Related article: What Are Decision Support Systems?]

3. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

In this popular book, Bryson shares information across many areas of science related to the universe and how we got to where we are in human history. Along the way, Bryson adds some heavy information on physics, biology, chemistry and more. When you can discuss how and why we might be here, as well as our purpose, you could impress more than a few people in conversation.

4. The Greatest Secret in the World by Og Mandino

First published in 1972, this book has stood the test of time and is on a number of must-read lists. Not only does this book make you more intelligent with insights on personal and financial success, but it also gives you the plan for developing the traits that will get you what you want. The transformational processes Mandino describes can also help you improve your relationships with all types of people. [Check out our top 10 must-read books for marketers.]

5. The Courage to Write by Ralph Keyes

Those who write well are often deemed more intelligent than those who cannot. Pick up this manual, which serves as both a how-to book and a fountain of inspiration on bravery. This book gives you the information you need to improve your grammar, structure, tone and style.

6. Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall

This book is designed to enhance your level of intelligence around designing and launching a new product. It focuses on the skills and knowledge essential to making a viable product. Hall uses research and analyses to help you develop an effective sales process, marketing strategies and other business techniques.

7. Cosmos by Carl Sagan

While you might think some aspects of this book are over your head, Sagan makes deep and expansive topics accessible. He covers areas such as religion, philosophy, history, culture and science, to make you feel more well-rounded, or at least deliver some tidbits you can toss into a dinner party conversation about the meaning of life.

8. Creativity Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

Creativity continues to be pegged as a critical success factor and a pathway to differentiation in business. Yet it can be one of the most difficult things for us to put into a defining practice for use. With examples from today’s biggest creative film successes, the book offers a glimpse of how to tap into the creative potential in all of us.

9. You Are Not Your Brain by Jeffrey Schwartz

Most of us need to practice greater discipline in how we think and act. This book offers tips on how to control your mind while managing any impulses that may be impacting relationships, productivity and overall success.

10. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

While a high IQ is great to have, Outliers presents the logic behind why some people are more successful than others, illustrating that it is not always directly related to intelligence. Using findings from evolutionary psychology, Gladwell teaches you how to be smarter and more successful.

11. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

Since we all seem to develop both good and bad habits in our lives, it is beneficial to understand why we do what we do, and the impact that our habits can have on us, our relationships and how well we do in the business world. This book can provide the inspiration and strategy to alter habits and develop ones that position us to be more admired, influential and successful.

1. Spend time reading every day.

The mind is like a muscle: the more you use it the stronger it will become. Reading is an important element for developing your mind, as it's one of the basic ways we gain knowledge and learn.

Through reading, you can discover new things and educate yourself on any topic. Reading also helps develop your creative side by engaging your imagination. Words, both spoken and written, are the building blocks of our social existence -- and through words, you can go anywhere in the world.

If you're looking to quickly grow your knowledge, one easy way is to speed up your reading so you can charge through books, written material and even online articles (like this one!). Most people read at an average rate of 250 words per minute. At that rate, it would take you about six minutes to read this article. But with speed reading, you could cut that time in half. Just remember, the goal is to help you rapidly consume more information, not just zoom past words without fully comprehending their meaning.

Utilize your online time wisely.

Don’t let temptation on the Internet get the best of you. Write down your priorities when it comes to your Internet activities and get them done in order of importance. Be conscious of which websites to visit, and maximize your time online by visiting sites promoting learning, such as TED Talks (we recommend watching TED presentations on stress management, overcoming procrastination, and practicing mindfulness). You can also take up computer hobbies that are worthy of your time and effort.

Children become more prepared to learn in school when the growth of their brains is promoted by engaging in art. Also, children can improve their communication skills through art, and therefore have an easier time conveying their ideas to others.

Creating art makes use of your imagination, whether you are drawing images of concrete things or portraying your emotions through abstract art. Drawing, painting, or coloring plays a beneficial role in the continuous development of your brain.

For those who are right-brained, creating art is a healthy way of using and enhancing creative skills. For left-brained (or analytical) people, it can help stimulate their creative side and improve it.

Travel as often as you can.

Traveling can make you smarter. The brains of individuals who travel and expose themselves regularly to unfamiliar environments produce more neurons in anticipation of new experiences and developing ways to effectively deal with them.

Having the willingness to question your old views and being open to viewing the world from various perspectives can expand your ability to consume new information. When you travel, you are forced to think in new ways and embrace unique cultural practices.

Both of these factors will ultimately create more neurological connections in your brain, which makes you quicker to react. It also improves you ability to think through logic and problem solve more efficiently. Traveling has creative and cognitive benefits, as shown in this research.


Out of this World

150 Would You Rather Questions for Kids (& Free Printable)

Whether you're looking to get the conversation started at dinner time, or need inspiration for home-schooling, road trips or kids' games, our ultimate list of 150 'Would You Rather?' questions, plus free game instructions and printables, has everything you need for an awesome 'Would You Rather?' game.

the ultimate list of would you rather questions

Ever played the “Would You Rather?” game with your family or friends? We love this game because it appeals to all ages. You can play it with everyone from toddlers through grandparents, and learn something new about your loved ones.

“Would You Rather?” is also a perfect spur-of-the-moment game in situations where you need to pass time, break the ice or kick start conversations. Try it on long car rides during a road trip, as a brain break during homeschooling, waiting at a doctor’s office, sitting in a restaurant, on vacation, or as an icebreaker at a kids’ party. Creative games that can spark conversation, lots of laughs, and don’t require materials, set up, and prep time? Total win-win in our books.

Most importantly, “Would You Rather?” is an eye-opening conversation starter that lets you get to know your kids on a different level. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, these silly questions are a fun way to open up conversation in a low-pressure way. You might well be surprised by some of your kids’ responses, and they’ll love hearing yours as well!

We’ve put together a list of 150 “Would You Rather?” questions that are appropriate for kids of all ages, and organized them into five different categories for you: Funny, Food, Gross, Dream Big, and Out of this World.

list of 150 would you rather questions for kids

An Unforgettable Adventure That’ll Get Them Talking

Looking to go beyond simple icebreaker questions and give the high schoolers in your life something to really talk about? Let’s Roam scavenger hunts are affordable, fun, and perfect for breaking the ice. From street art walks to ghost hunts to sightseeing tours and more, the Let’s Roam team has hand-crafted countless activities in over 400 cities worldwide. To get started, simply download our intuitive iOS or Android app, choose a scavenger hunt near you, and get ready to have a great time!

  1. Break up with yourself. How do you let yourself down easily?
  2. If you could say one thing to the whole world right now, what would you say?
  3. Do you care about your zodiac sign?
  4. What’s your campaign slogan if you’re running for public office?
  5. Pool or beach?
  6. What smell do you hate that doesn’t seem to bother other people?
  7. Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, or Disney+?
  8. Favorite Pizza Topping?
  9. What’s your favorite weird food combination?
  10. What is your spirit animal?
  11. Would you rather have 100 days in the past or 100 days in the future?
  12. If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?
  13. What is your absolute dream job?
  14. What’s your favorite tradition or holiday?
  15. What was your favorite game to play as a child?
  16. Have you ever met your idol or someone you revere greatly?
  17. If you had one extra hour of free time every day, how would you spend it?
  18. If you could see into the future, would you? Why or why not?
  19. What is your favorite thing to do outside?
  20. Where would you like to be in 10 years?
  21. What was your favorite childhood toy?
  22. What’s your catchphrase?
  23. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
  24. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
  25. What’s one song that you’ll always remember the words to?
  1. Do you know any other languages?
  2. Do you do any volunteer work? Or, where would you donate 800 million if you could?
  3. What’s your go-to karaoke song?
  4. What’s your nickname? Or if you don’t have one, what nickname would you create for yourself and why?
  5. What’s your favorite quote and why?
  6. If you had the power of teleportation, where would you go right now?
  7. What do you find at the end of the line?
  8. What is it that you cannot hold even ten minutes, even though it is lighter than a feather?
  9. What kind of room has no doors or windows?
  10. How can a man go 8 days without sleep?
  11. What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?
  12. If money was no object, where would you choose to live?
  13. If you had to spend a month without your phone, what would you do?
  14. If you started your own YouTube channel, what would it be called and what would your videos be about?
  15. What was your first email address?
  16. What is your favorite subject?
  17. What class would you wish the school is offering?
  18. What do you miss the most about kindergarten?
  19. What career would you want to have when you grow up?
  20. What is your favorite subject?
  21. What is your least favorite subject?
  22. What do you look forward to this year?
  23. If you could stay in one fictional universe, which one would you pick and why?
  24. What cool feature would you add to your future house?
  25. What comes to mind when you think of math?
  1. What words do you associate with school?
  2. What does the word ‘History’ make you think of?
  3. How do you feel about homework?
  4. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘test’?
  5. What word comes to mind when considering the character of Hamlet?
  6. What comes to mind when hearing the word ‘French’?
  7. What do you think of when you read the word ‘homework’?
  8. What is a good teacher?
  9. What comes to mind when you think of science?
  10. Where do your family members work?
  11. What does dinner time look like at your house?
  12. What are some family items or artifacts that represent your culture and identity?
  13. Which languages do you speak (even just a little bit)?
  14. Who is someone in your family that you look up to?
  15. What is a favorite memory you have with a family member?
  16. What do you like most about your family?
  17. What is a family tradition that you have?
  18. Does your family have pets? If not, would you like to have a pet? What kind?
  19. What is your favorite family recipe?
  20. Describe yourself in three words
  21. Where do you want to live after you finish school? Why?
  22. If you were in charge of a school, what would it be like?
  23. If you could design a school uniform, what would it look like? What colors would it be?
  24. What is your least favorite chore or task? What is your favorite?
  25. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?


Improve my writing skills grammar crackers

9 Simple Ways on How to Improve Your Writing Skills

9 Simple Ways on How to Improve Your Writing Skills

The fact that I’m writing online content in various topics helps me maintain my writing skill and helps me gain more experience writing for an online audience. As a new writer or freelance writer, it’s probably best to kill two birds with one stone by writing every day in your niche.

Other ways to incorporate writing every day is to write social media posts. If you have a Twitter profile or a Facebook profile, start creating a post a day and write two or three sentences on what you’re promoting or doing.

Importance of writing skills

How good writing skills can help you find a better job

It’s easy to see how being able to express yourself clearly might be desirable in a whole range of occupations. A 2016 study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in the US revealed that around three-quarters of employers value strong written communication skills in a candidate. For certain professions, the true figure is likely to be much higher.

If your writing is easy to read and understand, employers will be drawn to you. If it is opaque and confusing, then the same employers will be repelled. This is understandable. If you can’t express yourself clearly in a job application, then you’re unlikely to be able to do so when you’re actually in the role.

Good writing skills in business

Being able to write well will allow you to share your ideas more effectively with colleagues and clients. It’ll help to clear up potential miscommunications, ease tensions, and to persuade others.

Remember Done Is Better than Perfect

No piece of writing will ever be perfect – you have to know when it’s time to let it go. This is especially important in content marketing, because you’ll rarely (if ever) have the luxury of crafting agonizingly beautiful blog posts full of poignant sentences and evocative imagery. As you become more confident, the “writing” part of writing will become easier and faster, but never lose sight of the fact that deadlines, or editorial calendars, are just as much your masters as any boss or manager.

Summary: How to Improve Your Writing Skills

  1. Brush up on the basic principles of writing, grammar and spelling.
  2. Write like it’s your job and practice regularly.
  3. Read more so you develop an eye for what effective writing looks like.
  4. Find a partner. Ask them to read your writing and provide feedback.
  5. Join a workshop, meetup, or take a writing night class.
  6. Take the time to analyze writing you admire.
  7. Imitate writers you admire.
  8. Outline your writing.
  9. Edit your writing.
  10. Accept that first drafts are often bad and revise.
  11. Find an editor who demonstrates patience.
  12. Eliminate unnecessary words from your writing.
  13. Review your earlier work and see how you’ve grown.
  14. Don’t be afraid to say what you mean in what you write.
  15. Make sure you do adequate research on your topic.
  16. Don’t delay writing. Get it done now.

Dan Shewan

Meet The Author

Dan Shewan

Originally from the U.K., Dan Shewan is a journalist and web content specialist who now lives and writes in New England. Dan’s work has appeared in a wide range of publications in print and online, including The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Pacific Standard magazine, The Independent, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and many other outlets.

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Remember Cryptokitties? The game that was an instant hit on the internet? Well, that was from DapperLabs. What is DapperLabs? It is a gaming company that develops games powered by cryptocurrency. Not only it is developing games, but it also playing a vital role to make blockchain a reality. Currently, only a few people – gamers, innovators, and early adopters – are tinkering with the blockchain. To make it successful, common people have to adopt this technology.

Cleaning Services App

Artificial Intelligence Startups


Survey Auto best ai startup

Surveying people has just got easier with SurveyAuto – one of the latest startups in the AI industry that collects precise survey results through geolocation, call records, hyperspectral imagery, and open street maps. SurveyAuto is the brainchild of Dr. Umer Saif, a Pakistani entrepreneur.

According to the CEO, Dr. Umar Saif, “SurveyAuto uses a crowdsourcing model and relies on machine learning to decide who reports data, where it is collected, and when and how often it is reported. This reduces cost and minimizes human errors.”


Spacemaker top ai startup

Spacemaker is another great startup that aims to develop sustainable infrastructure that can help companies grow while decreasing the environmental pollution. It is one of the millennium development goals of the United Nations.

Infrastructure designers can get the services of Spacemaker to provide the smartest ways to maximize the value of their real-estate structure. They will generate and explore billions of site proposals, sort out the best ones and give the infrastructure developers detailed statistics about each of them. Spacemaker uses machine intelligence to come up with eco-friendly designs.


Capacity best startups

Can’t you find that presentation? Have you forgotten that assignment on your desktop? Can’t locate the book you need on your flight? Well, there is a solution to all this. Capacity – a successful AI startup company.

Capacity is an AI platform that interlinks everything you need (all the apps of your choice) on a single platform. Never lose a digital file ever again – is the motto of the Capacity startup. The software uses AI to find out what apps you need at what time, and keep them ready for you. This helps you and your team manage time and gain knowledge about things that matter and focus on achieving the business goals.


Observe AI Startup

Operating a call center? Need a coach for your sales and support team? Observe.AI is your go-to platform. It is an AI-powered voice assistant that can turn your contact centers into profit generation machines. How it does that? Well, Observe.AI uses multiple technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and a list of error checks to ensure that all your voice calls are following the same procedures. It tracks, monitors, and educates the call agents to ensure that each of your calls can generate sales – thereby increasing profitability and decreasing the number of uninterested callers.

Observe.AI is backed by Scale Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, and Emergent Ventures. In a short period, it has gained the trust of Tripadvisor, Microsoft, ERCBPO, Talkdesk, and other VC firms.

Eyewear tech

Eyewear tech startup

Eyeware Tech is a revolutionary startup in the camera tracking and recognition industry. It monitors a person’s gaze and ascertains the motive. The software is developed to cater to real-world issues such as security, buyer choice, human intentions, etc. It uses patent-pending computer vision algorithms, to increase human-machine engagement.

The 3D eye-tracking software senses depth through cameras, and allows gaze tracking in 3D remotely – all this is done with consumer 3D cameras. It helps capture real-world interactions, user attention, intention, motives, and interests.


Streem AI Startup

Download the List of Best Communities for Entrepreneurs.

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Want to Increase Profits on Your Online Store?


Cazoo Ecommerce startup

Cazoo has made buying used cars simple. It is an inspection-cum-car selling store. It has a comprehensive 150+ point checklist that every car has to go through. Moreover, once you have placed an order, the car will be delivered at your doorstep in the next 72 hours. If for some reason you didn’t like the car, you can always return it for no extra charges.


wheels ecommerce startup

Wheels is a shared electric mobility platform that’s designed to promote smart city projects around the world. Wheels lets you rent wheels (motor pods) for a day, a month, or even a year. They will take care of the maintenance and all other expenses related to it. If the motor pod stops working, you will find a new one parked just for you.


verishop ecommerce startup

Verishop is a lifestyle ecommerce store for your daily fashion needs. What makes Verishop stand out from the rest is the quality of the products it offers. The brand features only premium products from top brands. Verishop aims to be a go-to lifestyle shopping destination for customers who are looking for high-quality products. Verishop ecommerce store is operated from Santa Monica, California, and it has been quite successful in the last two years.


Eatigo ecommerce startups

Eatigo claims to be the number one restaurant reservation platform in Asia. It is backed by Trip Advisor and offers dining deals and restaurant reservations in Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. What makes it the NEXT BIG THING in the food industry is the quality of service it offers. Users can search for restaurants, reserve online, and enjoy deals with a special discount, within minutes.

Restaurant locations, pictures, reviews, and menus are also available on the platform for the users to see and decide in real-time, whether it is a good fit for them. Eatigo was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Startups: What are the 100 Best Startups to Work for in 2022?

Winning a deal with the right startup at the right time can mean a lot more than just another customer. It can mean income for you or your business for years, as the company and your relationship with them grows.

However, achieving this objective in the past usually wasn't very easy. For example, Harvard & Berkeley research shows you need to connect with companies ahead of your direct competition, to win significantly more of the deals.

Now, by simply activating a Fundz Pro account (just $10/month, cancel anytime), you can have unlimited access and exporting from a real-time updated database of startup fundings, with over 100,000 funded startups since 2016. This information is also integrated with important director/executive level contacts and other helpful tools & information.

In essence, Fundz Pro was built from the ground up for companies of all sizes looking for a proven edge in finding, connecting with and winning business with great startups. As you can see from the reviews, it delivers the results.

fundz-pro-display-1 fundz-chrome-extension

Money Making Startup Business Ideas: Conclusion

These are some of the best startup ideas you can implement in 2022. Which idea did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments section below. We have tried to cover most of the trendiest and unique business ideas that you can start. Some of the business ideas mentioned above require no or very little investment for you to start. You can also create a mobile app for all these startup ideas to create a larger and loyal user base.

vl blog enq

For all the business ideas you can get mobile app development done with VerveLogic. We are an iOS and Android app development company with more than ten years of experience. We deliver robust and functional mobile apps to all startups and businesses with an aim of getting 100% client satisfaction. Our team of expert mobile app developers research the market and make use of the latest tools to deliver future-ready mobile apps.


These computers then form a network, providing the controller access to a substantial degree of collective processing power, which can be used to coordinate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, send spam, steal data, and create fake ads on your browser.

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What is malware? Malware definition

Hostile, intrusive, and intentionally nasty, malware seeks to invade, damage, or disable computers, computer systems, networks, tablets, and mobile devices, often by taking partial control over a device’s operations. Like the human flu, it interferes with normal functioning.

The motives behind malware vary. Malware can be about making money off you, sabotaging your ability to get work done, making a political statement, or just bragging rights. Although malware cannot damage the physical hardware of systems or network equipment (with one known exception—see the Google Android section below), it can steal, encrypt, or delete your data, alter or hijack core computer functions, and spy on your computer activity without your knowledge or permission.

Think you have malware? Scan your device—free.

Types of malware

Common types of malware include viruses, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, worms, ransomware, adware, scareware, rootkits, cryptominers, and logic bombs. The categories are based on how malware works and how it spreads.


Computer viruses infect clean files and spread to other clean files. They can spread uncontrollably, damaging a system’s core functionality and deleting or corrupting files. The history of viruses reaches back to the 1980s.

Macro viruses

Router viruses










Browser hijackers

Browser hijackers are malware that modify your web browser without your consent, and often without your knowledge. They may redirect you to harmful websites or spam you with extra ads. Removing browser hijackers usually is quite simple, but it’s always good to use secure and private browsers.


Logic bombs

What does malware do?

Ransomware is the most confrontational and direct form of malware. While other types operate undetected, ransomware makes its presence known immediately, demanding payment in exchange for returning access to your device or files.

In most cases, malware is much harder to observe, toiling quietly behind the scenes. Some types are malicious for the sake of spite, wiping important data from the infected machines. With no fraud or theft committed, the hacker’s sole reward is the frustration and setbacks experienced by their victims.

Other instances of malware result in more serious consequences. Machines infected with these types of malware capture the user’s personal or financial information, then forward it to the hacker, who uses it for purposes of financial fraud or identity theft. At this stage, simply removing malware is insufficient to remedy these offenses.

How will I know if my device has been infected?

Your device begins running slower than usual. If you’ve noticed a sudden slowdown with no apparent cause, it could be due to a malware infection. As the malware takes over your device’s processing resources, there’s less power available for everything else.

You notice a shortage of available storage space. Many types of malware will download and install additional files and content onto your device. A sudden decrease in the amount of free storage could be a sign that you’ve picked up some malware.

Pop-ups and unwanted programs appear on your device. This is one of the strongest signs that you’re experiencing a malware infection. If you’re getting slammed with pop-up ads or finding strange new programs on your device, it’s likely that malware is the culprit.

Slow performance and reduced storage space don’t always point to malware. Over time, your device may naturally get clogged with unneeded files. It’s always a good idea to clean things up from time to time, and if performance returns to normal, you likely don’t have a malware infection.


Extortion: Ransomware encrypts a victim’s files or device and demands payment for the decryption key. The purpose is to get the victim — a person, institution, or government — to pay the ransom.


Best for Small Size and Speedy Scan

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

McAfee Total Protection

Norton 360 With LifeLock Select

Malwarebytes Free

Use Malwarebytes Free to root out malware that got past your antivirus or is keeping you from installing an antivirus update. It doesn’t offer real-time protection, though, so don’t rely on it as your first line of defense.

These days there’s an app for just about any purpose. Wonder if you’re pregnant? There’s an app for that. You can find your parked car, edit your ex out of photos, even have an AI draw pictures for you. Software offers endless possibilities, including the dangerous and unhelpful possibilities of malware. Trojans that steal your private data, bots that enlist your computer into a zombie army, ransomware that makes your important documents unavailable—these are not the kind of software you want! Fortunately, there’s a software solution. At a minimum, installing a simple antivirus utility should keep most threats at bay. You’ll also find security suites that shore up protection in various ways, and programs specific to a task such as ransomware protection. We’ve reviewed over 100 products designed to keep your devices malware-free.

6 malware protection tips

Seven illustrations depict malware protection tips that you can use to protect your network and devices.

1. Update operating systems regularly

It’s important to make a habit of checking your devices for software updates on a regular basis. As mentioned, hackers often use botnets and other types of malware to expose zero-day exploits to compromise your devices and network.

2. Beware of suspicious links and attachments

Keeping an eye out for suspicious links and attachments may help prevent a malware attack from sneaking its way on your computer. These could look like URLs that don’t quite resemble what you’re used to seeing or email attachments from unknown senders. Cybercriminals love using these in addition to phishing emails and social engineering tactics to trick users into handing over their private information.

3. Consider an ad-blocker

Cyberthieves may use popups infused with spyware and/or adware to illegally track your network activity and install malware onto your device. To help prevent these kinds of malware attacks, consider downloading an ad- blocker. This cybersecurity tool helps keep malicious advertisements from appearing on your screen — and, in turn, keeps you from clicking on them.

4. Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication comes in handy if a cybercriminal is able to access your login credentials. Biometric security features like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition make proving your identity a must before you can fully access your account. And since hackers probably won’t be able to replicate your DNA and/or facial structure, they’ll likely hit an obstacle to access.

5. Monitor your network

Users can turn to their network activity to see if they’re potentially dealing with a malware infection. If you notice unfamiliar IP addresses taking up a large amount of your usage, a hacker could be trying to compromise the data on your devices.

6. Download antivirus software

Trusted antivirus software could help provide your devices with 24/7 protection against the malware attacks threatening your Cyber Safety. Often equipped with password managers and threat detection software, security software could help you browse more confidently knowing you have the right cybersecurity tools working to keep you safe.

Malware is one of the original cyberthreats, which means we've been able to learn a lot about cyberattackers' tactics and can use that against them. Use these malware protection tips and warning signs to stay ahead of hackers and boost your malware security.

How does malware work?

For malware to work, it usually needs you to do something first to get the software on your computer. That means clicking a link, opening an attachment, or visiting an infected website. Once on your machine, the malware’s payload begins the task it’s designed to perform — stealing your data, encrypting your files, installing additional malware, and so on.

How does malware spread?

Malware can spread in a variety of ways: when you download and install an infected program, when you click an infected link or open a malicious email attachment, or even if you use corrupted physical media like an infected USB drive.

Types of malware attacks

Email: If your email has been hacked, malware can force your computer to send emails with infected attachments or links to malicious websites. When a recipient opens the attachment or clicks the link, the malware is installed on their computer, and the cycle repeats.

Drive-by downloads: A drive-by download happens when a malicious website automatically downloads malware onto your device. This happens as soon as you load the page — no clicks required. Hackers use DNS hijacking to automatically redirect you to these malicious sites.

Exploits: Exploits are bits of code designed to take advantage of a vulnerability, or security weakness, in a piece of software or hardware. A blended threat is a specialized type of exploit package that targets multiple vulnerabilities at once.

Malware can infect your computer through a variety of vectors, including email, ads, pop-up alerts, and more.

Malware can spread in a variety of ways.

Real-life malware attacks

Many malware attacks happen silently, with victims never realizing the attack happened. Some malware attacks are so dangerous and widespread, they send shockwaves around the world. Here are some of the most notorious malware examples:

Vienna virus

The history of malware began in the 1960s with relatively harmless viruses that spread without causing much damage. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that malware turned nasty with the Vienna virus. The Vienna virus corrupted data and destroyed files — and led to the creation of the world’s first antivirus tool.


Petya and NotPetya

Equifax data breach

COVID-19 phishing scams

How to detect, remove, and prevent malware

Don’t trust strangers online. Strange emails, abrupt alerts, fake profiles, and other scams are the most common methods of delivering malware. If you don’t know exactly what something is, don’t click on it.

Double-check your downloads. From pirating sites to official storefronts, malware is often lurking just around the corner. Before downloading, always double-check that the provider is trustworthy.

Get an ad blocker. Malvertising — where hackers inject malicious code into otherwise legitimate advertising networks — is on the rise. Counter it by blocking ads with a reliable ad blocker. Some infected ads can download malware as soon as they load on your screen, without needing you to even click on them.

Be careful where you browse. Malware can be found anywhere, but it’s most commonly found on websites with poor backend security. If you’re visiting a large, reputable site, your risk of encountering malware is minimal.

Always update your software. Outdated software may have security vulnerabilities, which developers routinely patch with software updates. Always install updates for your operating system (OS) and other software as soon as they become available.

Protect your devices with an antivirus app. Even if you follow all of the advice above, your device might still get infected with malware. For optimal protection, combine smart online habits with powerful anti-malware software like AVG AntiVirus FREE, which detects and stops malware before it can infect your PC, Mac, or mobile device.


Весь процесс поиска и удаления вредоносных программ выполняется в простом мастере на русском языке (где достаточно просто нажимать «Далее»), а само сканирование происходит достаточно долго, так что будьте готовы.

Главное окно Malwarebytes Free


Sabe como todos os anos a comunidade médica promove uma campanha para que todos tomem a vacine contra a gripe? Isto ocorre porque os surtos de gripe costumam ser sazonais — um período do ano em que ocorre a disseminação e mais pessoas são infectadas.

Por outro lado, não há um período previsível para infecções de computadores, smartphones, tablets e redes corporativas. Para eles, é sempre época de gripe. Contudo, ao invés de sofrer com coriza e dor no corpo, os usuários podem ser infectados por uma doença de máquina, o malware.

As infecções por malware chegam até nós como um jato de água de uma mangueira de incêndio, cada uma delas com seus próprios métodos de ataque —dos furtivos e sorrateiros aos tão sutis quanto uma marreta. Mas se conhecimento é poder, como uma vacina preventiva contra uma infecção, oferecemos aqui um curso rápido sobre malware, o que é, seus sintomas, como ele age, como lidar com ele e como evitá-lo no futuro.

Como posso identificar se houve infecção por malware?

  • Seu computador se torna mais lento. Um dos principais efeitos do malware é reduzir a velocidade de seu sistema operacional, seja ao navegar na Internet ou ao usar os aplicativos locais.
  • Uma torrente de anúncios irritantes que não deveriam estar ali invadem sua tela. Anúncios em janelas pop-up inesperadas são um sinal típico de uma infecção por malware. Eles são associados especialmente com uma forma de malware conhecida como adware. Além disso, os pop-ups geralmente são acompanhados de outras ameaças de malware ocultas. Assim, se você vir algo como “PARABÉNS, VOCÊ GANHOU UMA CONSULTA GRATUITA COM UM MÉDIUM!” em uma pop-up, não clique nela. Independente do prêmio gratuito oferecido pelo anúncio, o preço será alto.
  • Seu sistema desliga repetidamente, congela ou exibe BSOD (Tela Azul), o que pode ocorrer em sistemas Windows após um erro fatal.
  • Você nota uma perda misteriosa de espaço em disco, provavelmente, causada por um malware invasor gigantesco que se oculta em seu disco rígido.
  • Há um aumento estranho na atividade do seu Internet do sistema.
  • O uso de recursos de seu sistema está estranhamento alto e a ventoinha de seu computador gira em plena velocidade —sinais de atividade de malware consumindo recursos do sistema em segundo plano.
  • A página inicial do navegador mudou sem sua permissão. De forma semelhante, os links em que você clica o encaminham a um destino indesejado na internet. Isto geralmente indica que você clicou em uma janela do tipo “parabéns”, que baixou algum software indesejado. Também é possível que seu browser fique lento ou extremamente lento.
  • Novas barras de ferramentas, extensões ou plugins aparecem inesperadamente em seu navegador.
  • Seu produto antivírus para de funcionar e você não consegue atualizá-lo, ficando desprotegido contra malware furtivo que desabilitou o antivírus.
  • Por fim, há também o ataque de malware dolorosamente óbvio e intencionalmente nem um pouco sorrateiro. Isto é muito comum com ransomware, o qual se apresenta e informa que está com seus dados e exige um resgate para devolver seus arquivos.
  • Mesmo que pareça que tudo está funcionando bem em seu sistema, não seja complacente porque nem sempre as más notícias voam. Um malware potente pode se ocultar em seu computador, fazer suas atividades sujas sem despertar nenhum alerta à medida que rouba suas senhas, arquivos sensíveis ou usa seu computador para se difundir para outros computadores.

A receita para uma infecção por malware exige uma longa lista de ingredientes. Os principais são as duas maneiras mais comuns pelas quais o malware acessa seu sistema —a Internet e o e-mail. Em outras palavras, qualquer momento em que esteja conectado online.

O malware pode penetrar em seu computador quando (respire fundo agora) você navega em websites submetidos a hack, ao clicar em demos de jogos, ao fazer o download de arquivos de música infectados, ao instalar novas barras de ferramentas de um provedor desconhecido, ao configurar um software de uma fonte arriscada, ao abrir uma anexo de e-mail malicioso ou, basicamente, qualquer coisa que você baixe da Internet para seu dispositivo que não tem um aplicativo de segurança antimalware de qualidade.

Aplicativos maliciosos podem se esconder em aplicativos legítimos, especialmente quando são baixados de websites ou mensagens ao invés de uma app store. Aqui é importante verificar as mensagens de alerta ao instalar aplicativos, especialmente se pedirem permissão para acessar suas informações de e-mail ou outras informações pessoais.

Em resumo, é melhor usar apenas fontes confiáveis para aplicativos móveis ou instalar aplicativos de fornecedores com boa reputação e sempre baixar esses aplicativos diretamente do fornecedor—e nunca de outro site. Considerando-se tudo isso, há uma infinidade de agentes ruins por aí que lançam a isca para você com uma oferta para um acelerador de Internet, um novo gerenciador de download, um dispositivo para limpeza do disco rígido ou um mecanismo alternativo de busca na Internet.

Os ataques de malware não funcionariam sem o ingrediente mais importante: você. Em outras palavras, uma versão sua ingênua, disposta a abrir um anexo de e-mail cujo remetente você não reconhece ou a clicar e instalar algo de uma fonte não confiável. E não considere isso como o “click da vergonha,” porque mesmo as pessoas mais experientes já foram ludibriadas a instalar um malware.

Mesmo que você instale algo de uma fonte confiável, se não prestar atenção à solicitação de permissões para instalar outros pacotes de programas ao mesmo tempo, você pode acabar instalando um software indesejado. Este software extra costuma ser apresentado como um componente necessário, mas na verdade ele não é.

Outro problema é uma questão de engenharia social que um especialista Malwarebytes observou no Reino Unido. O golpe atingiu usuários de celular aproveitando-se de uma opção de pagamento de contas direto comum aos celulares. Os usuários visitaram sites de celulares que, involuntariamente, disparavam botões invisíveis para emitir uma cobrança por meio de seus números de celulares, faturando diretamente as redes das vítimas e transferindo o custo para a fatura das vítimas.


Начать проверку и очистку системы от вредоносных программ я рекомендую именно с AdwCleaner. Особенно в наиболее распространенных сегодня случаях, таких как всплывающая реклама и автоматическое открытие ненужных страниц с невозможностью изменить стартовую страницу в браузере.

Главные причины рекомендации начать с AdwCleaner — это средство удаления вредоносных программ с компьютера или ноутбука является полностью бесплатным, на русском языке, в достаточной мере эффективно, а также не требует установки и регулярно обновляется (плюс после проверки и очистки советует, как избежать заражения компьютера в дальнейшем: весьма дельные советы, которые я сам часто даю).

В использовании AdwCleaner проще простого — запустили программу, нажали кнопку «Сканировать», изучили результаты (можно снять галочки с тех элементов, которые, по вашему мнению, не требуется удалять) и нажали кнопку «Очистка». Дополнительно, вы можете включить очистку сетевых параметров, файла hosts и других элементов в разделе настроек.

Удаление вредоносных программ в AdwCleaner

В процессе удаления может потребоваться перезагрузка компьютера (для того, чтобы удалить то ПО, которое выполняется в настоящий момент до его запуска). А по завершении очистки вы получите полный текстовый отчет о том, что именно было удалено. Подробно об использовании AdwCleaner и где скачать сканер.

¿Cómo puedo protegerme frente al malware?

Esté atento. Preste particular atención si ve un nombre de dominio que termina con un conjunto de letras raro, es decir, algo distinto de com, org, edu o biz, por mencionar unos pocos, ya que esto puede indicar que se trata de un sitio web peligroso.

Evite hacer clic en anuncios emergentes mientras navega por Internet. No se le ocurra abrir los adjuntos de correo electrónico no solicitados ni abrir software de sitios web poco fidedignos o de redes de transferencia de archivos punto a punto.

En el caso de los usuarios móviles, descargue las aplicaciones sólo de Google Play Store (App Store es la única opción para los iPhone). Cada vez que descargue una aplicación, compruebe antes las calificaciones y los comentarios. Si una aplicación tiene una calificación baja y pocas descargas, es mejor evitarla.

No descargue aplicaciones de fuentes de terceros. La mejor manera de asegurarse de cumplir esto es desactivar esta función en su teléfono Android. Vaya a Ajustes en su dispositivo Android y abra la sección Seguridad. Allí, asegúrese de que está deshabilitada la opción Orígenes desconocidos para evitar la instalación de aplicaciones desde mercados que no sean Play Store.

No haga clic en enlaces extraños no verificados de correos electrónicos, mensajes de texto y mensajes de WhatsApp de origen desconocido. Los enlaces extraños de amigos y contactos deben evitarse también, a menos que haya verificado que son seguros.

Para mantener a salvo su negocio, las organizaciones pueden evitar que sus redes se vean amenazadas por aplicaciones maliciosas si crean políticas robustas de seguridad móvil y despliegan una solución de seguridad móvil que pueda exigir el cumplimiento de esas políticas. Esto es vital en el entorno empresarial de hoy en día, en el que múltiples sistemas operativos están en funcionamiento en diversos lugares.

Por último, hágase con un buen programa antimalware. Debe incluir protección por capas (la capacidad de analizar y detectar malware como adware y spyware, a la vez que mantiene una defensa proactiva en tiempo real que puede bloquear amenazas como el ransomware). El programa de seguridad debe proporcionar también desinfección para corregir cualquier cambio del sistema realizado por el malware limpiado para que todo vuelva a la normalidad.


You can use this time to input any grades you've received if you've chosen an app with a GPA-tracking feature. Make sure that for every project, assignment or exam, you've entered specific tasks to prepare for them as well. You don't want to just remember that you have something due. You want to have a plan for turning in your best work!

Best Planner Apps for Students

Let’s be honest. We hate school most of the time because of the amount of paperwork and activities that we have to accomplish every day. They can become stressful in the long run especially if you are not an expert in time management. Well, let us help you ease the burden of your schoolwork through a very simple tip: download the best planner app out there and start organizing the tasks you have to accomplish.

You’ll see that in the long run, your brain becomes less saturated with writing informative essays, research papers, or compare and contrast analysis. You will also have more time to rest and watch your favorite Netflix series. These apps are really easy to use that even those who don’t have any idea on how to use a planner, they’ll get their way through this in no time. Oh, one more thing. You’re free to thank us after you graduate with flying colors!

What is a planner app?

Planner apps or digital planners are downloadable organization tools that you can access anywhere. It is an excellent alternative to old school planners that takes up much space in your bag. Since the planner app can be installed and synced between your phone or iPad, you will be able to browse your tasks in just a few taps. You stay updated and you never miss any deadline given by your teachers. Consider these apps as a secretary that reminds you of your daily appointments. They are that helpful.

The short answer to this is yes. Most planner apps do not cost much and some are even downloadable for free. They are also very efficient and there are a lot of interesting functions included in them unlike the ordinary planners that you use using a pen. The majority of these digital planners have an alarm function which is a good way to remind you what you should prioritize. If you are having difficulties identifying the areas of your life that you should focus on, these apps are made for you.

Best Planner Apps for Students

Wunderlist is the easiest way to manage and share your daily to-do lists. A reworking of the long-appreciated Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do is a promising newcomer to the field of planner apps for students. Whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one, or simply keeping track of your daily to-dos, Wunderlist is an app to help you get things done. This app is designed to help the student with planning and organising.

With a host of new features including reminders, recurring and subtasks along with improved notes, sharing and notifications, Wunderlist ensures that no detail will be missed. These details are then automatically synced across all your devices, no matter what and how many you are using. Download now to see why millions of people around the world have made Wunderlist their daily companion.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is the best student planner app that is available on a wide variety of platforms so that you can stay organized wherever you are. You can keep track of your class schedule and homework, get reminders for upcoming tests, and sync it across all of your platforms. Many teachers have adopted it for e-learning or online instruction, but it’s great for individual use as well. Stay ahead of the curve with the included upcoming homework widgets to see your assignments at a glance. myHomework is a clean and simple version of a student planner app.

My Study Life is a free cross-platform planner app for students designed to make their study life easier to manage. My Study Life is an app to use throughout the year, not just during your revision period. Track homework and assignments, and organise your daily and weekly schedule. It supports weekly and daily rotation schedules and lets you specify how much of a task is completed. It is a calendar app built for the unique scheduling needs of students. Everything is stored in the Cloud for easy access on multiple devices. This app seamlessly syncs your data between devices, allowing you to use the app even when offline and sync when you’re back online.


I kept the search simple, but I could’ve also searched by language (native English, Spanish, etc.), hashtags, date range, and more. The more options you choose, the more refined your search results.


Beginner-Friendly Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (2022)

If you’re a copywriter, blogger, or any type of freelance writer who wants to earn a full-time or part-time income doing what you love, this definitive, A-to-Z guide will help you do just that.

Unless you want to spend your freelance writing career slumming through content mill after content, and getting paid peanuts, you need to level up your content creation skills.

Did you ask the client to give you a testimonial? A few words declaring their undying love and/or satisfaction with your work (that you can use to help you land more writing clients)?

Most writers who do freelance work, either due to ignorance or fear, don’t ask for testimonials. Our own Jon Morrow says he’s only had a small handful of writers over the years ask him for a testimonial — even though he would’ve been perfectly happy to give one to them.

A wealthy business owner sitting in a Herman Miller chair on top of a rug made out of recycled Herman Miller chairs is reading an article you’ve written.

Because someone who’s made it to your author bio is primed. They’ve read your work and want to learn about the attractive, intelligent individual who wrote it.

A byline should shout to the world your expertise. It should say to prospective clients, “if you thought this article was great, you should hire me and see what I can do for you.”

The job seekers who are willing to do it have an edge. And the ones who are good at it — and I mean really freakin’ good at it — are never more than an email or two away from snagging a new writing job.

The legalities can seem so scary and daunting that many freelance writers choose to stick their heads in the sand and ignore them — or, worse, give up on their freelancing dreams rather than have to deal with any of it.

We’ll go over some great job board options in a moment (because they do have lots to offer new freelance writers), but first, we’ll take a trip down the road less traveled.

Freelance Writing Jobs – 20 Simple Ways to Start


Do you know cold pitching is a fabulous way to land recurring gigs? There’s much less competition and you’ll have a better chance at landing a gig when you contact clients directly.

It’s when you contact bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies, small businesses or startups and let them know how you – a freelance writer – can help grow their business.

First you need to locate businesses to cold pitch to. Maybe you noticed they don’t have a blog – but should. Or, on Twitter you see they are trying to grow their online presence and you think your content can help with that.

Some companies are huge brand and it would be difficult for a brand content writer to find a job that way. So get a Gsheet and mark some companies, but then niche down to get smaller companies that would need help with your writing. Some examples:

Tips to Help You Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Search Smart

Sure, you could do a Google search or peruse any job board and probably find at least a few freelance writing jobs. But you’ll spend far too much time sorting through all of those results to separate the wheat from the chaff.

A smarter strategy is to focus on sites and platforms that specialize in what you’re looking for—like FlexJobs or Focusing your search efforts on boards that specialize in flexible, freelance jobs will not only save you time, it will also protect you from things like content mills, vaguely written Craigslist advertisements, and straight-up scams!

Get Social

Many companies and publications will post calls for pitches or their open freelance positions on their social accounts—particularly Twitter and LinkedIn. You can search LinkedIn’s job page for key terms like “freelance writer” or “freelance copywriter” to see what comes up. On Twitter, use the search function to look for keywords or relevant hashtags to find any tweets related to that type of content.

Think Small

When people imagine a career as a freelance writer, they often think about writing for the big-name outlets that everybody recognizes. But that’s usually not how freelance careers get started. Like any other career, you need to pay your dues and work your way up.

When you’re launching your freelancing writing career, don’t be afraid to start small. There are likely tons of writing opportunities in your immediate area—from publications to small businesses that need writing help—that you could be missing out on if you’re too focused on those better-known outlets.

Show Off Your Reading Skills

You’d be surprised by how many people completely ignore the instructions that publications and companies give for applying to a freelance role. So, in addition to showing off your writing skills, demonstrate you’ve got good reading skills, too.

Chapter Four: Common Freelance Writing Questions (& Answers)

Common Freelance Questions (and Answers)

Still have questions? Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal.

You should also check out our Freelance Writing Hub. From elevating your writing skills to getting paid to write, it’s a go-to resource for everything you need to know about freelancing.

What is freelance content writing?

Freelance writers are self-employed contractors who are hired by clients to create content for them. The type of content ranges from production descriptions to email copy to full-fledged eBooks — and everything in between.

What do you do as a freelance writer?

How do freelance writers find work?

How freelance writers land gigs tend to vary based on their experience writing. When you have a good body of work, you’ll get many of your blog writer jobs through referrals and repeat customers. As a result, if you’re an experienced writer, you typically make more money.

So, when you first start writing, you’ll need to be proactive. The job boards we discussed earlier will likely be where you have the most success initially. And don’t forget about the outside-the-box, under-the-radar strategies we discussed. You can find success with those too.

How much do freelance writers make?

How do freelance writers get paid?

How much do you charge for a 500 word article? How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?

How much does a freelance writer make per hour?

How do you start freelance writing? How do I become a freelance writer with no experience?

Freelance writing experience or no, if you’re willing to accept lower-than-ideal pay rates on job boards, blog content mills, or freelance marketplaces (think Fiverr and Textbroker), you can get started right away. Find freelance job postings, apply to them, and get to work.

Get out There and Find Your Dream Freelance Writing Job

Finding freelance writing jobs can be tough. But you’re the one that gets to write the story of your freelance writing career—and now that you have everything you need to find (and get hired for!) your next opportunity, we have a feeling that story is going to have a happy ending.

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Why Students Look for Custom Writers

Most students search online for essay writers online during their college years. The reasons are many why they do so, but here are the main ones.

  • Fear of Failure

Competition is high in class, and no student wants to be a failure. If you want to improve on poor academic performance, you can seek the services of an essay writer. The education essay writing service provided offers you papers written professionally on any subject.

  • Stress

You may be going through issues in life that cause you too much stress. Apart from personal problems, there are many factors in college that stress students. Relationships, finances, and academics can lead to a loss of focus on studies.

While stressed, it is hard to work on a paper and attain a good grade. You can look for cheap academic essay writing sites online and place your order.

  • Limited Time

Lack of time to work on assignments can be due to procrastination or a huge workload. Whatever the reason might be, no professor will buy your excuse for a late submission. You can have an essay writer work on your paper to deliver it on time.

What to Look for In a Custom Writing Website

As you search online, you will come across several platforms, offering you the best services. How do you know the one you choose is the right one? Here is how.

  • Expert Writers

Seeking the English essay writing service introduces you to qualified writers who will work on your assignments quickly. The writers have expertise across all subjects in college. All you have to do is read the writers’ profiles and choose who qualifies for your academic level.

  • Delivery Time

No matter how good a writer is, if he or she cannot deliver a paper, it may not be ideal. As you look for custom academic essay writing help, time is of the essence. You can be sure there will be no problems with your professor for turning a paper in late.

  • Ratings

A good site will always have good reviews from its clients. A bad one will also have its share of negative remarks. You can look at review sites to know the best academic essay writing service for you.

Rating a site considers several factors, such as quality content, expert writers, ease of use, delivery, and pricing. The top sites listed are your perfect choice of service providers since you know they cannot go below their customers’ expectations.

  • Quality Content

When searching for a site, you want the best that can deliver quality content. You do not have to order for a paper to tell if a writer can offer you excellence. You can check the way their profile looks like before assigning them a job.

If there are grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, they will not perform any better in your paper. You can also look at samples of cheap academic essays on a custom writing site. If the quality is wanting, yours will not be different, and you will have to search for another.

  • Pricing

You want a site that will offer help with academic essays but still mind your pocket. The best sites understand that and offer students rates that they can afford. You can compare the prices of other sites to know the average rate you should pay for your paper.

However, be keen on a site that charges a rate that is too low than the rest. You may get substandard papers, and you will have wasted valuable time and money.


At one point, while in college, you will need help on various issues and top among them being academics. Look for the best site to hire an expert writer on renowned review sites. They will deliver a perfect paper on time.