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The Best Planner and Reminder Apps for Students

You can use this time to input any grades you've received if you've chosen an app with a GPA-tracking feature. Make sure that for every project, assignment or exam, you've entered specific tasks to prepare for them as well. You don't want to just remember that you have something due. You want to have a plan for turning in your best work!

Best Planner Apps for Students

Let’s be honest. We hate school most of the time because of the amount of paperwork and activities that we have to accomplish every day. They can become stressful in the long run especially if you are not an expert in time management. Well, let us help you ease the burden of your schoolwork through a very simple tip: download the best planner app out there and start organizing the tasks you have to accomplish.

You’ll see that in the long run, your brain becomes less saturated with writing informative essays, research papers, or compare and contrast analysis. You will also have more time to rest and watch your favorite Netflix series. These apps are really easy to use that even those who don’t have any idea on how to use a planner, they’ll get their way through this in no time. Oh, one more thing. You’re free to thank us after you graduate with flying colors!

What is a planner app?

Planner apps or digital planners are downloadable organization tools that you can access anywhere. It is an excellent alternative to old school planners that takes up much space in your bag. Since the planner app can be installed and synced between your phone or iPad, you will be able to browse your tasks in just a few taps. You stay updated and you never miss any deadline given by your teachers. Consider these apps as a secretary that reminds you of your daily appointments. They are that helpful.

The short answer to this is yes. Most planner apps do not cost much and some are even downloadable for free. They are also very efficient and there are a lot of interesting functions included in them unlike the ordinary planners that you use using a pen. The majority of these digital planners have an alarm function which is a good way to remind you what you should prioritize. If you are having difficulties identifying the areas of your life that you should focus on, these apps are made for you.

Best Planner Apps for Students

Wunderlist is the easiest way to manage and share your daily to-do lists. A reworking of the long-appreciated Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do is a promising newcomer to the field of planner apps for students. Whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one, or simply keeping track of your daily to-dos, Wunderlist is an app to help you get things done. This app is designed to help the student with planning and organising.

With a host of new features including reminders, recurring and subtasks along with improved notes, sharing and notifications, Wunderlist ensures that no detail will be missed. These details are then automatically synced across all your devices, no matter what and how many you are using. Download now to see why millions of people around the world have made Wunderlist their daily companion.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is the best student planner app that is available on a wide variety of platforms so that you can stay organized wherever you are. You can keep track of your class schedule and homework, get reminders for upcoming tests, and sync it across all of your platforms. Many teachers have adopted it for e-learning or online instruction, but it’s great for individual use as well. Stay ahead of the curve with the included upcoming homework widgets to see your assignments at a glance. myHomework is a clean and simple version of a student planner app.

My Study Life is a free cross-platform planner app for students designed to make their study life easier to manage. My Study Life is an app to use throughout the year, not just during your revision period. Track homework and assignments, and organise your daily and weekly schedule. It supports weekly and daily rotation schedules and lets you specify how much of a task is completed. It is a calendar app built for the unique scheduling needs of students. Everything is stored in the Cloud for easy access on multiple devices. This app seamlessly syncs your data between devices, allowing you to use the app even when offline and sync when you’re back online.